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Tony's Fitness Philosophy- We all know we have responsibilities we need to take care of in life, somehow we forget to take time for ourselves. In order to have a healthy, stress free life, you must make time for health and fitness. Being active is a must! Your ability to perform, contribute, and realize your personal goals, is directly affected by our fitness level and willingness to TAKE ACTION! Be a DOER! GET OUT AND GO!

Tony Pinder is a crossfit certified trainer level 1 which means that you can be confident that Tony is 100% certfified in crossfit functional movements. Tony is also certified as an AKC (American Kettle Bell Certification) trainer and has been in the fitness industry for 15 years.

We also offer the only Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Placencia! Now is the time to try something new! Paddle Boarding is the newest sport to hit the water! Not only is it incredibly fun, it turns out to be an incredible work out!

There's nothing worse than a boring workout! So step out of the gym and out of your comfort zone into a whole new way of working out. Fun, challenging, and effective full body workouts to fit your lifestyle: either in your own home, outside on the beach, or even on a stand up paddleboard. Tony will find innovative ways to kick your butt and make sure you have fun at the same time!

Our Paddle Board Rental Shack is located on the beach next to Tipsy Tuna

Cross Training Belize Style!

We change up the routine with strength training in the indoor facility and move out to the beach for cardio training. (weather permitting)

Email or Call for the current Beach Boot Camp schedule.

Come train in Placencia, Belize!

    Physical Therapy
  1. Myofascial Release Technique - 30 MIN
  2. A.R.T. Massage Physical Therapy
    (Active Release Therapy)
  3. Egoscue Method Posture Alignment Therapy
    (Includes print out of exercises)
  4. FMSA Functional Movement Screening Assessment
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